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Subject: 5.14.03 EMIF MEETING NOTES

EMIF-SC held its third session this morning at 9:00 PDT. Notes
In Attendance:
Rick Carlton - Chairman
Michael Wilson - Member
Gary Ham - Member
Steve Siegel - Member
Mark Benemerito - Member
Allen Wyke - Observer
Art Botterell - Member
Cathy Subatch - Member
John Aerts - Member
Dave Robinson - Member
Jay Clark - Member
Discussion, Agreements and Ratifications:
1. As a result of a query from the EM-TC Chair following last weeks EMIF meeting, the question was raised by CARLTON regarding EMIF's focus on the NIMS construct as principal target-client of its work product. After open discussion committee consensus re-affirmed its principal focus on NIMS and PD5 as referenced below.
2. All previously identifed baseline standards are under active review by committee members. These include: 
D. DOJ Schema Structure - HAM
E. MICROSOFT Addressing standard - WILSON/HAM
Additionally, certain holistic industry web services/segment
architectures are also under active review. They are:  
B. Oracle - CARLTON
C. Microsoft - WILSON
D. Prism - SIEGEL
E. Health Management Standards - WILSON
3. CARLTON proposed the addition of the Defense Collaboration Tool Suite(DCTS)as a possible additional candidate technology platform. After discussion it was the consensus agreement of the committee to undertake a review of DCTS for possible inclusion within the final EMIF Standards continuum. CARLTON has agreed to review the integrated platform for initial validation.
4. The elemental matrix document previously delivered to the committee was accepted as a baseline format. Further refinements will be made as necessary, based on the committee's experience with its use.
5. CARLTON proposed the issue of development of formal validation criteria for common use in the committee's standards analysis work. No decision was reached and the matter is continued.
Action Items:
1. Refinement of elemental matrix document - GROUP
2. Progression on technologies under review - AS PREVIOUSLY DEFINED 
3. Validation of DCTS as a baseline candidate - CARLTON
4. Further discussion on formal validation criteria - GROUP
5. Continue EMIF - DoD XML Registry membership - HAM/CARLTON 
Next meeting:
5/21/03 - 9:00 PDT - 1.800.453.7412 - #604776
                          END OF 5.14.03 NOTES
R.A. Carlton - Chairman
949.433.4127 mobile
949.646.8853 land line



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