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Subject: Oasis Infrastructure Meeting 8-18-2009

Title: Oasis Infrastructure Meeting 8-18-2009


Tom will not be able to make the meeting tomorrow.  I would like to talk about starting the requirements for the next version of EDXL-DE.  The first step should be documenting the requirements and discussing the current DE 1.0 .  This should help answer the theory questions and provide insight into why certain decisions were made in creating DE 1.0 .  I have limited time and believe this would provide the most efficient path forward for the Infrastructure work of our subcommittee.

Tom Merkle placed the following “Dave Ellis provided an update to his two action items and will provide a paragraph of the status for inclusion in the minutes.” in the minutes for the discussion of where the valuelistURN concept, CAP Identifiers(OID)  topics and draft a “Theory of Identifiers” document stands the last IF meeting.  I have not been able to make progress on individual documents but want to propose we start documenting the EDXL-DE header.


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