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Subject: Slides From ESW 7

So an FYI and some clarification…

Slides from the conference are here.  I posted the CMAS update slides to the group.


Looking over my notes from the discussion during this presentation was:

1.       General questions about DM-OPEN

2.       Discussion about the some of the CMAS specs / standards on page 6 and how things would be connected.  This is where the point was brought up to ensure authenticity in the chain.

3.       Slide 11 shows an alert gateway…My impression was that some technical things were still being worked out for that.  Again, this was the only place that the AT&T rep focused on for work / implementation TBD or in process.  Not a snuff of the whole system or process…just a “thing” they were waiting for and wanted testing of…FYI DM-OPEN is the aggregator


I think that there was conversation about some stuff with the FCC, but I didn’t take clear enough notes to convey it.  Point is that at a high-level security is important to the telco’s that will be pushing out these messages, but in no way do I want to give the impression that they aren’t moving ahead with this.  I think they are just waiting on their end for that gateway device to go through design / development / integration  / testing.  Hence the “this is what they are waiting for” comment.  Since they were able to make CMAS on their end use existing network “stuff” I don’t think there was a whole lot they had to do for this.  Though I could be wrong.  Just wanted to clarify…


Don McGarry

The MITRE Corp.

Office: 315-838-2669

Cell: 703-595-9375



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