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emergency-if message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-if] Federating OASIS EDXL-DE routing capability withgoal of supporting SOIS

Our actual wording was for the requirement to be transport independent. 
Agnostic had some connotations that some found unpalatable.


Carl Reed wrote:
> Dave
> Nice for the US but what about the rest of the world? Just wondering :-)
> I would be very hesitant to tie the EDXL-DE specification to any 
> particular implementation platform. I think you are saying the same 
> thing. Would be best to keep EDXL (or any payload) transport agnostic. 
> Better to define best practices for particular implementation and 
> deployment platforms.
> Cheers
> Carl
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>     *Sent:* Wednesday, June 30, 2010 1:29 PM
>     *Subject:* [emergency-if] Federating OASIS EDXL-DE routing
>     capability with goal of supporting SOIS
>     Jeff, Hans, EM TC Infrastructure subcommittee;
>     I am trying to position the OASIS EDXL-DE standard as one of the
>     capabilities for supporting*_ the Strategic Operations Information
>     Sharing_* (Google for current public info).  This will support
>     federal agencies sharing all types of information sharing use to
>     support Commanders Critical Information Requirements (CCIRs) and
>     Essential Elements of Information (EEIs) in times of emergencies. 
>     Since most of the Federal planning scenarios began locally, the
>     discussions of how to federate various information collection and
>     sharing capabilities is becoming more critical.
>     I represent USNORTHCOM as a Subject Matter Expert supporting
>     creating SOIS planning and capability development.  This requires
>     me to examine the trends of emerging Standards development and
>     attempt to create understanding within these bodies about SOIS
>     requirements to federate federal, state, local and tribal
>     information sharing resources.  This is why I have such an
>     interest in federating capability from all OASIS EDXL-DE
>     distribution capabilities and strive to ensure OASIS EDXL-DE
>     messages met sensitivity and repudiation requirements for
>     consolidation and up channel reporting to federal agencies.
>     Sandia National Laboratories has been working on this for over ten
>     years.  This began for DTRA before 9/11 and DHS/USNORTHCOM were
>     formed.  We have been using a commercial product for over seven
>     years to prototype TSG and SPOR technology which use the OASIS
>     EDXL-DE.  This was used in developing the First OASIS EDXL-DE
>     specification.  During this time we have interfaced with DMIS,
>     DTRA HPAC/Ensco, and all of the CWID 2005 participants.  Later we
>     supported IPAWS development and interfaced MyStateUSA, Warning
>     Systems, and many other information injection and subscriber
>     capability.  Currently we are supporting operation deployment of
>     DNDO AIR and other DoD programs.  The current Sandia deployments
>     of OASIS EDXL-DE routing capabilities do not have requirements to
>     share information with many capabilities like IPAWS Open, EAS and
>     CMAS systems, HPAC etc.  Therefore; in our systems, if we would
>     receive an OASIS EDXL-DE message with an IPAWS profile or IPAWS
>     OPEN COGS, our system would check for EDXL-DE schema compliance
>     using CAM and ignore attempting to process elements.
>     The bottom line is even if you receive a valid OASIS EDXL-DE
>     message there should be no immediate requirement to execute
>     deliver specified by these elements for this message to some
>     EDXL-DE routing capability which can process it.  That said,
>     ultimately it would be ideal to have a federation of EDXL-DE
>     routing systems which could support an ever increasing set of
>     capabilities.  The Internet took years to build and continues to
>     evolve (e.g. IP V6, secure DNS).  Therefore, we need to focus on
>     the practices and/or methods of building capability which will
>     migrate to ubiquitous information sharing interoperability.
>     Every constituency should be encouraged to choose the type of
>     OASIS EDXL-DE capability which meets their operational needs.
>     David E. Ellis
>     (505) 844-6697

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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