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Subject: Default values for ValueListURIs

On the last call I volunteered to do a quick audit of all ValueListURN elements in the EDXL-DE 1.0 spec and make a spreadsheet so we could collectively suggest default values (if appropriate) for 2.0.


There really is not that much to look at because there are only 6 elements that are currently ValueLists and to simplify even more:


4 are all related to “Role” (senderRole, recipientRole, originatorRole, and consumerRole)

2 are related to “keywords” (keyword, and contentKeyword).


The spec makes mention of NIEM RoleType in the comments section of consumerRole. I did a quick search through NIEM 2.1 but could not find any RoleType lists, only data structure to define a role. If anyone has more background on what thinking went into this comment please let me know.


I believe that one well specified Emergency Management roles list would serve as a good default for all 4 Role ValueLists. If we can’t find one, we should make it a mission to create one because it’s clearly needed. I know of many event types and object type lists but no role type lists. If we made the role type list numerical then we could translate it into multiple languages (or rather someone else could do that over time).






Hans Jespersen

Principal Systems Engineer

Solace Systems Inc.

2051 Landings Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: (650) 924-2670





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