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Subject: Agenda for July 6 2010 IF Meeting


  I'd like to suggest the following meeting agenda for today's IF meeting on July 06, 2010. This is just a suggestion to help me be a little better prepared if need be. 

  In general, we completed a successful Face-2-Face Meeting (with much thanks to Don McGarry and colleagues at Mitre) where we reviewed important use cases, identified issues for the issues list, reviewed the issues, and determined the required changes needed to the DE to resolve each issue.  Most of the issues were addressed, although the editing of the document remains as well as a few open issues.

  Most of the open issues fall under the following headings: (1) targetArea/geo-oasis:Where; (2) Linking Content Objects; (3) Reusable common types schema components; (4) Best Practices Routing White Paper; and (5) Jacob's Recommendation for a Schema Reorganization

  I'd like to suggest we cover each of these areas and any remaining open issues to suggest the next steps for resolving each and who might help participate in researching a solution to each.

 See http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency-if/download.php/38502/EDXL-DE-2.0-IssuesList_v1.0.06.xls.  

Item (1) Review & Approve Minutes. We can skip this because I don't yet have the minutes up for the June 22 meeting.

Item (2) Update from Hans/Jeff on Status of Routing Best Practices Paper.

Item (3) Review the main areas mentioned above and any items still marked as "Open" on the issues spreadsheet.


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