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Subject: Re: [emergency-if] EDXL-DE_Spec_v2.0-v06-ModsInProgress-1+HJ.doc

A couple of quick observations:
1. I agree with Han's suggested changes.
2. The discussion on WGS-84 should be moved up from Circle to the Geospatial notes. Further, the WGS-84 discussion should actually be referenced to the new OASIS where spec (hopefully available in early October based on work to be done next week in the OGC meetings). This is because there are various flavors of WGS-84 and we need to make sure that the spec properly references the correct WGS 84 info.
3. We should make Circle definition consistent with IETF PIDF-LO GML app schema. The OASIS where circle definition will be consistent. The reason for this is consistency with NENA NG 911 mandatory's.
4. Polygon should be consistent with OASIS where.
5. Regarding Don's question regarding space. Coordinates in GML are separated with white space. For example (from GeoRSS GML):
             45.256 -110.45 46.46 -109.48 43.84 -109.86 45.256 -110.45
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Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 8:31 AM
Subject: [emergency-if] EDXL-DE_Spec_v2.0-v06-ModsInProgress-1+HJ.doc

I have made some changes in the attached DE 2.0 Spec that all relate to the Geospatial items assigned to me. I did not upload this doc nor did I just call it v07 as it should be merged with any other outstanding edits since the v06 document.
I am prepared to dicuss my edits on the call today.

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