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Subject: Groups - DRAFT-09-14-10-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee (DRAFT-09-14-10-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.doc) uploaded

Please review these minutes from today's IF Meeting of September 14, 2010
in preparation for approval at our next meeting, subject to any specified
changes. Thanks.

 -- Jeff Waters

The document named DRAFT-09-14-10-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee
(DRAFT-09-14-10-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.doc) has been submitted by Jeff
Waters to the EM Infrastructure Framework SC document repository.

Document Description:
At todays meeting, the group reviewed and discussed the following edits as
specified by item number (column A) in the DE Issues spreadsheet, version 6
(see Reference 1 below) : 

Items Covered from Issues List:

TOPIC: geo-oasis:Where  What is the status and how do we help advance the
effort? (Answer:-- OGC will be moving forward with to develop the
geo-oasis:Where profile, based on latest email from Carl. Motion approved
to recommend Don McGarry be a liaison to the OGC committee which will
generate the geo-oasis:Where profile since Mitre is a member of OGC.  The
need for simplicity was discussed and OGC specifications like geoRSS were
recommended in this vein as good examples for consideration. )

 ITEM (10) TOPIC: geo-oasis:Where  Can we approve the edit to remove the
reply/to and error/to and the associated AuthenticationType that were
previously proposed as additions to the DE because this capability will be
addressed by other routing standards? (Answer:-- Yes, subject to fixing a
comment in the issues spreadsheet to change transport level security to
simply transport level. Some discussion was raised about whether a
component like this should be allowed to be present and optional. The
advantages include that systems that can support it can use it and others
can ignore. The disadvantages include that parsers still have to account
for this potentially being present, that more work is needed and implied if
we include these items, and components which are for certain systems may
not be appropriate for an open standard.  Although the discussion was
noted, the consensus was that the issue was resolved at the face-2-face and
the edit was approved. ) 

 ITEM (11) Language  Can we approve the edit to change the type of this
element from xsd:string to xsd:language?   (Answer:-- Yes, the goal is
to support more than 2-character language codes and to go with the best
practice found in http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3066.txt which is what is
supported by XMLSchema with their xsd:language type.  )

 ITEM (12) DistributionRef  Do we agree to leave this as a red item for
further discussion after all edits and Jacobs recommendations for
reorganizing the DE are considered?   (Answer:-- Yes, the issue of whether
to restrict and better define the comma-delimited id based on component
parts will be revisited later. ) 

 ITEM (13)  and Item (14) targetArea & Point object -- Do we agree that
we should wait for OGC to produce the geo-oasis:Where profile to address
this item? (Answer: Yes. geoRSS was discussed as a potential format option,
although it was suggested that it may not satisfy all of our requirements. 
We also determined that probably only items 13 and 14 should remain
color-coded yellow awaiting geo-oasis:Where, the other items currently
color-coded yellow will be changed to grey because they can be handled like
any of the other issues, they are not dependent on the geo-oasis:Where. )

 ITEM (15):  Specifying targetArea Preference - Should we specify preferred
target area explicitly or implicitly by order of the xml elements? (Answer:
Still discussing. Suggestion was to handle preference by order of the xml
targetArea elements or subelements (circle, polygon, etc.); however some
concern was expressed about the potential added parsing difficulty if not
using the XMLSchema sequence to specify a default order. Well pick up
this discussion here with this item next time. ) 

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-OASIS Open Administration

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