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Subject: FIY: OGC GML Simple Features and Circle element

Dear EM TC -
Lew suggested I provide an update on the plan to add the Circle geometry element to the OGC GML Simple Features profile. Given the known requirement for a circle geometry, a couple of months ago the editors of the GML Simple Features profile wrote an official Change Request to be applied to the profile. This week I spoke with the editors of the profile and they are happy to incorporate the circle geometry into the profile. I also spoke with the editor of the OGC Simple Features Interface standard (which is also an ISO standard) and he is happy to see this addition as he also needs to add the circle geometry to the OGC Simple Features standard. So, the harmonization stars have aligned. This represented general consensus that we can move forward quickly with this addition.
To further expedite the process, the OGC will use our corrigendum process which can get approval and public publication in as little as 30 days. Further, as OASIS and the OGC have a formal MoU, I can release the draft document directly to the EM TC prior to formal approval in the OGC.
Will keep everyone informed as we progress.
Carl Reed, PhD
Open Geospatial Consortium
The OGC: Making Location Count

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