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Subject: Groups - FINAL-01-4-11-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.doc (FINAL-01-4-11-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.doc) uploaded

FYI. This final version of the Infrastructure Framework Subcommittee
minutes of January 4, 2011 was approved at the last meeting. Several typos
were fixed from the draft version. Thanks.

 -- Jeff Waters

The document named FINAL-01-4-11-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.doc
(FINAL-01-4-11-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.doc) has been submitted by Jeff
Waters to the EM Infrastructure Framework SC document repository.

Document Description:
The final minutes of the IF Subcommittee for January 4, 2011. (a few typos
fixed from draft minutes)

Since the group has completed its review of edits for the DE 2.0 issues
list, and has a draft schema (including Jacob-inspired reorganization to
make components independently reusable, gml-compliant targetArea, xlink for
linking content objects, more ValueListURI) , it's time to review our
remaining tasking and get a sense of level of effort and schedule. 

1. TOPIC: What are the next steps in our DE 2.0 process?  (Answer: (1) Pour
the current content into the official template and finish editing; (2) test
the proposed schema for practicability with common parsers and for
addressing individual use cases and provide feedback, and  (3) identify
especially meaningful use cases. The challenge is that members of the
committee are busy and it's hard to find the time and support for the
testing; yet, the individual member feedback is important. )
2.  TOPIC: What is the status of the SimpleFeatures specification
supporting TargetArea? (Answer: A SimpleFeatures specification may be
available, but it is being modified to support circle and a few other
items. )
3.  TOPIC: What are some of the most compelling use cases demonstrating the
significance of using the DE 2.0?  (Answer: Everyone should consider this
question as we move forward to adoption. One use case of significance is
the use of the DE ValueListURI  to link to externally managed ontologies to
enable smart routing. Doing the collection and documentation of the terms
used in the field is an important initiative, perhaps one that university
graduate students might be best equipped to handle. Automatic generation of
ontologies from text documentation is also a potential starting point.)

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