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Subject: Groups - DRAFT-10-25-11-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.doc uploaded

Submitter's message
Please review these minutes of the October 25th, 2011 meeting of the Infrastructure Framework Subcommittee for approval at our upcoming meeting, subject to any specified changes. Thanks.
-- Jeff Waters
Document Name: DRAFT-10-25-11-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.doc

At the October 25th, 2011 meeting of the Infrastructure Framework
Subcommittee, the members discussed the following topics:

1. TOPIC: Are we ready to proceed with the motion at the upcoming EM TC
meeting to recommend approval of the DE Working Draft 05 as a committee
specification draft? (Answer: Yes, some cleanup changes were done to the
draft over the last week, but none were substantive.)

2. TOPIC: When do we get the URLs for the new specifications (e.g. Common
Types and GML Simple Features Profile) and when do we update our
specification which has placeholders for these URLs? (Answer: OASIS staff
will create the URLs as part of their normal process and we update the URLs
after the public review period, because we can't change the review document
once it's approved for review.)

3. TOPIC: Can we proceed to put the normative DE Working Draft 05 in a zip
file and do we pull out the schema from Appendix A and B in separate files
and what else should go in the zip file? (Answer: Consensus based on Rex
and Werner's experience was that we create one zip file and include the
.odt file and the schema file(s).)

4. TOPIC: What is the proper wording for the EM TC motion to approve the
DE Working Draft 05 as a Committee Specification Draft? (Answer: The
wording of the motion that we need to reference when we request OASIS staff
to process the Committee Specification Draft is: ?Jeff moved to approve
EDXL Distribution Element 2.0 Working Draft 05 (located at
as Committee Specification Draft as a CSD01. Rex seconded. Any discussion.
All approved. Now let's get a motion to advance this to a public review.
I move that EDXL Distribution Element 2.0 Committee Specification Draft
CSD01 be approved to advance to public review document PR01 for a 45 day
review. Rex seconded. All approved. ?)

5. TOPIC: Should we update the latest DE Working Draft 05 in the next few
minutes before the EM TC meeting in order to fix the incorrect reference to
Working Draft ?04? in the body? (Answer: Yes, the meeting was adjourned
early to allow time to make this important typo fix as well as a couple
other non-substantive cleanup fixes. )
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Jeff Waters
Group: EM Infrastructure Framework SC
Folder: Resources
Date submitted: 2011-11-22 02:14:57

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