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Subject: Groups - DRAFT-03-13-12-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.odt uploaded

Submitter's message
Please review these minutes of the March 13th, 2010 meeting of the Infrastructure Framework Subcommittee for approval at our upcoming meeting, subject to any specified changes.
-- Jeff Waters
Document Name: DRAFT-03-13-12-Minutes-IF-Subcommittee.odt

At the March 13th, 2012 meeting of the Infrastructure Framework
Subcommittee continued its review of the public comments received on the
Distribution Element 2.0. The members discussed the following topics:

1. TOPIC: What support does the DE 2.0 provide for signing versus
encryption? (Answer: As noted in the previous minutes, the Distribution
Element 2.0 (DE 2.0) supports signing the whole DE 2.0 message explicitly.
Signing ensures that nothing in the DE message was changed en route. The
DE 2.0 does not provide explicit support for encryption, although payloads
can be encrypted externally and then used as content objects inside the DE
2.0 as needed.)

2. TOPIC EMFW-12,11,10,9: What is the intent of enabling linking in the DE
2.0 and what does this imply for determining which DE elements should
contain xlink attributes? (Answer: Our intent was to enable linking of
objects and linking of independent DE components, namely EDXLDistribution,
Descriptor and Content. The xlink attributes should be placed accordingly
to enable linking that satisfies this intent. We will relook at the
location of the xlink attributes to ensure they support this intent and
revisit this issue at our next meeting.)

3. TOPIC EMFW-8: Should we reorder the Descriptor elements? (Answer:
No. The suggestion was made in a comment to consider reordering the
Descriptor elements. The group reviewed the current order of the elements
and did not identify a significant issue or improvement to justify
reordering the elements. A motion was passed to leave the order of the
Descriptor elements as is because no particular improved order was

4. TOPIC EMFW-7: Was having the Descriptor element as a wrapper element
intentional? (Answer: The Descriptor element contains a sequence of
other elements and was intended to be a separate global element to support
the use of other wrappers. A motion was passed that no change to the
Descriptor element is needed. )

5. TOPIC EMFW-6: Is TargetArea using the latest EDXLGeoLocation schema?
(Answer: We may need more clarification on this comment. The schema appear
to be current. Martena will request additional clarification from Don.)

6. TOPIC EMFW-5: Should RefDateTimeSent be optional instead of required as
part of the DistributionReference? (Answer: We would like additional
clarification on this comment. The three elements of the
DistributionReference are intended to uniquely identify a reference to a
prior message. This would suggest that they are all required, which is
currently the case. )

7. TOPIC EMFW-4: Is the following line of the DE 2.0 schema needed: ?
(Answer: This line is part of the definition of ?AnyXMLType? and appears to
be appropriate since it allows any attribute to be included as part of this
type. We would like additional clarification on this comment. )

8. TOPIC EMFW-3: How should we resolve double importing of xlink in our
different standards? (Answer: The comment suggests removing the xlink
import statement from edxl-gsf standard or elsewhere. Double imports are a
known problem in general when combining xml schema. Lew will consider an
appropriate solution in regard to the GML Simple Features profile
(edxl-gsf). )

9. TOPIC EMFW-2: No action needed, this was a test comment.

10. TOPIC EMFW-1: Should we cleanup the specified spacing issues within
our specification? (Answer: Yes, the cleanup items referenced in this
comment do not impact the substantive content and improve readability of
the specification. )


(1) JIRA DE 2.0 Issues List:
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Jeff Waters
Group: EM Infrastructure Framework SC
Folder: Resources
Date submitted: 2012-03-20 02:43:55

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