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emergency-msg message

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Subject: Correction RE: [emergency-msg] CAP_DOM.pdf uploaded

Oops... someone just pointed out what happened when I got distracted 
while writing my earlier note.  I meant to say the following re the 
<area/> block:

"- The <area/> structure is a complex element that describes a
geographic area and, optionally, an altitude or altitude band.  Each
<area/> element may include a free-text description and one
prescriptive description (as a lat/lon polygon, point and radius, or
using some arbitrary geographic code such as a FIPS code).  Multiple
<area/> elements might be used to describe the combination of
multiple target areas for the <info/> element within which it occurs."

(In my earlier note I'd substituted <alert/> for <area/> a couple of 
times in that 'graf.)

Sorry for the confusion.

- Art

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