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Subject: (Corrected) Minutes of 6/10 Notifications SC meeting

Emergency Management Technical Committee
Notifications, Methods and Messaging Subcommittee Meeting
Tuesday, June 10, 2003


- Ory Warshenbrot
- Brian Pattinson
- Jerry Weltman
- Thomas Bui
- John Aerts
- Art Botterell

Meeting Notes

- CAP Element Definitions: The group accepted the reformatting of 
definitions as proposed by Eliot Christian for ISO 11179 compliance. 
The group also agreed in principle with some element name changes, 
and with providing for multiple event category values (pending 
further discussion of the categorization scheme, see below.)  Eliot's 
definitions incorporate the recommendations from the GIS committee re 
the area element.  Art will circulate an updated data dictionary 
reflecting those changes.

- CAP Event Categories: The group reviewed the issues surrounding an 
event categorization scheme at some length.  Several use cases were 

	- A sensor system generating an alert within its domain
	- A human operator generating an alert
	- A message routing system determining correct message delivery
	- An archival system offering a categorical index of past messages
	- A minimal text display

Various complexities and constraints were identified, including:

	- Need for simplicity for humans at both input and output
	- Limits of detailed knowledge about the subject event at time of alert
	- Apparent (if surprising) lack of a standard all-hazards typology

Jerry Weltman volunteered to draft a refined categorization scheme 
for discussion by the group.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 17th at 9:30am PDT/12:30 EDT

Dial in: 1.800.453.7412
Access Code: 604776

Respectfully submitted,

Art Botterell, SC Chair

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