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Subject: EM TC Notifications Subcommittee 6/24/03 Meeting Minutes

Emergency Technical Committee
Notifications, Methods and Messaging Subcommittee
June 24, 2003 Meeting Minutes
Walid Ramadan
Gary Ham
Elliot Christian
Joyce Kern
Art Botterell
Bill Schroeder
Tom (Bui??)
Thanks again to Joyce for filling in for me and taking these meeting minutes.
Meeting Minutes
  • Art presented the draft at the recent conference in Toronto.  It was well received.  There were about 1000 people at the conference.
  • Eliot gave a GIS update (just finished a meeting).  Went over CAP 0.9 draft.  Will take one last look at units of measure.  There are some feet/kilometer issues.  Will run it by someone in international standards committee.
    • Other issue - precision should go along with reality.
  • Art - should there be a recommended upper limit for figures that location carried out to?  Once we passed four decimal digits, you start to split things pretty fine.
  • Art - another thing we thought about was, do we need to have error bands with these numbers?  So far, not needed.  Clarifying note of not creating false percision.
  • Eliot - Get people thinking about RSS and does it have a place in EM?  (RSS = Real Simple Syndication OR Rich Site Summary).  Think of it in terms of newswire service.  You get headlines and short piece of story.  Pick the ones you want more info for.  You can have a little program that will go out and check sources and bring you a list of headlines.  Also used to have people get up-to-date on new technology.  RSS figures into EM is that those of us that have messages to send out (storm, etc.) can put that out as an RSS feed, and people who subscribe to that feed, would simply have that message show up to them when they log on.  It has a date, so you can get the messages when you get online.  You don't miss them, just because you are online.
    • Art - where to present this?  What issues arise?
    • Eliot - inform the rest of the TC as to the aspects of the protocol for what we should pick up
    • Art - we could use CAP messages
    • Eliot - nice thing about news readers is you can set intervals on how often you get messages.  Very distinctive schedules can be set for the person reading.
    • Art - that's good and bad.  If too many people start polling too rapidly, the cost could increase to the operator of the server.  Should we prepare a brief white paper on this as to what RSS is?  Who is the advocate for the customer base for the standards.  We'll hold that and think about it for the week and revisit it next week.
    • Eliot - I'd like to see it demonstrated instead of just in a paper
    • Art - it will still need to be explained... who, what, why, etc.
    • Eliot - maybe Allen can take this to the OASIS group?  Perhaps OASIS can put their own headlines out of the way.
    • Don't know if OASIS has touched on RSS or not.  Perhaps another subcommittee has done some work on that.
  • Gary - sent Art initial rough draft on data structure for incident data scheme.  Also sent it to his interoperability guide who sent some changes, so Gary will be making some updates.  Will add a domain model of the schema
  • Art - Talk about the way we sequenced developing the CAP document.  How did we all feel?  From our perspective... anyone have issues?
    • All - none so far
    • Art - the preliminary work we did (including use cases, etc.) was extremely useful in documenting what we are trying to do, before we got into how we were going to do it.  Should we do the same thing for Gary's work?
    • Gary - I'll try and put something together. Not detailed requirements, but I could include functions list
    • Art - that's a great place to start
  • Art - the other project that I have been talking up a bit, is the ICS Forms idea
    • Gary, there is a translation from the data structure into ICS forms.  What the forms do is establish the collections in which you can put structured data.  See the form as the organizational structure for collections of data
    • Art - think of it as a messate or a transaction, not a data structure.  We'll pick up next week with this item.


Next Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 1st at 9:30am PDT/12:30pm EDT
Dial in number = 1.800.453.7412
Access Code = 604776
Cathy M. Subatch
E Team Inc.
818.932.0660 x248
310.770.6885 (mobile)

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