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Subject: [Fwd: [emergency-msg] NIMS Standards Goals]

Art, this is VERY informative AND encouraging! Thanx a ton for
forwarding for those of us who had not seen this. I went ahead and cc:ed
Matt W (EM-XML EC Chair) because I think these comments/thoughts pertain
to his efforts as well.

One of the first things that jumped out was the incident notification
piece, which I am sure caught your eye as well. We should make an effort
(Matt, can you help out here?) to see if they will break this up into 2
parts - alerts and full incident data. If they were agreeable to this,
then to see if we could actually get CAP written in as the alerting
format to be used, and maybe go so far as to "recommend" our group as a
first place to look for a full incident format. The second might be a
bit of stretch since I think there is some prior work at IEEE, or maybe
it was ANSI, in this general area, but what the heck - we can dream
can't we :)

The second area was the SITREP reports. The thought of a single format,
or at least an agreed upon set of elements that all SITREP reports must
have - that would be nice. Would love to hear your thoughts on this from
an MSG SC perspective.

The next thing that popped out crossed both the GIS and IF SC. It is the
section that talked about geospatial information - specifically the
sentence that read, "Important to review the robustness of these
capabilities in order to ensure their availability during incident
situations, where telecommunications capabilities may be impacted." 

I think this is something we talked about early on during the formation
of the GIS SC. "What is special/required of GIS during an emergency and
what should we do to ensure it is optimal during those times?" I think
this example falls into this category, while at the same time they
explicitly mention telecommunications, which implies infrastructure
concerns. EMIF and EM GIS: thoughts and/or comments?

Next was Authentication. I know the EMIF SC is looking into this, so
this certainly seems to be nothing more than validation we are working
in the right areas. Big pat on our backs! :)

Finally, the idea of a national database of incident reports. I think
this is actually part of my first comment, yet I think it becomes part
of the distinction between full incident data and an alert. Basically,
it supports the notion. Just my 2 cents anyway.


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> Subject: [emergency-msg] NIMS Standards Goals
> Date: 24 Jul 2003 22:21:46 -0700
> Just for anyone who hasn't already seen this... attached is an 
> excerpt from a NIMS draft that's going around... regarding proposed 
> goals for interoperability standards...
> - Art
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R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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