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Subject: Re: [emergency-msg] ICS 201 Object Model

David, looks good - you guys DEFINITELY have a great start off on this
effort. Couple of comments, that probably need nothing more than

1. In the object model I can see where things, such as the Area
Description is required for an area, but is an area required for
incidentInfo? Same for incidentInfo to ics201 (I definitely assume that
is required), resourcesSummary to incidentInfo, organization to
incidentInfo, and mapSketch to area.

2. Something that would be beneficial in the first page of the example
document, which would also resolve my questions for #1, is to mark what
is option, required, and repeatable. Just a thought.

3. In the Summary (7) section of the form, I feel the crystal ball is
speaking. I can foresee the desire, or maybe even need, in the future to
embed/reference other XML dialects (potentially external to the document
itself - think about, but avoid the color conversation we had about
attachments in CAP at the mini-F2F :) in order to more accurately define
what is happening. Whether it is temperature or maybe the description of
a resource that was deployed. Having said that, I think it is probably
premature to allow it, BUT we should put some thought into not
preventing it in the future.

4. In the Current Organization (6) section of the form, the crystal ball
is speaking again. Not of future needs, but of innovative opportunity.
This is one of those times that having a Microsoft representative on the
TC would be helpful. Imagine, and I am completely making this up by the
way, the part of Microsoft's future solutions for Public Safety involve
an application that allows responders to quickly map out a process for
responding to an emergency. This could involve anything from an org
(Visio) chart of people/agencies involved, conveniently linked to a task
tracking application (MS Project), to mapping out the work flow and/or
business processes that have been put in place to ensure guidelines are
adhered to and followed (think BizTalk's Orchestration Designer - aka
Visio for building/linking/creating Business Process). Now imagine
exporting this information into a format that can be included in the ICS
201 form not unlike embedding a spreadsheet or video in a PowerPoint
presentation. Anyway, my point is that from a software innovation
perspective this section has a lot of opportunity, so we should think
about that.

5. And finally the Resource Summary (5) page - basically a combo of the
Current Organization page and the Summary page. Need + Innovation = we
should think about it.

I know a lot of this may sound pie in the sky, but from a software
vendor's perspective in this space, have #3 - #5 become a reality is not
as complex as you might think. Additionally, and this is really the
important reason, having our ICS work empowered to dramatically improve
the current paper solution makes for a compelling business case to
adopt. Our ability to turn this part of an ICS form into a living,
breathing, document that extremely more powerful, because of its
actionability, than its paper ancestor can really get things moving

Again, I certainly am not implying we have or should do all of this.
Just that we should consider it, because it may put a longer term
perspective in our minds as we move forward.


On Tue, 2003-08-12 at 11:28, David Hall wrote:
> Please find attached a first cut at the object model diagram for ICS
> Form 201 - Incident Briefing.
> I have also included an example of a filled out Form 201. Note that I
> could not find a completed example of the Map portion.
> Assume this is too late to discuss today, but if I could get
> feedback/questions before next weeks mtg, that would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> David
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