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Subject: EM TC Notifications SC 08-19-03 Meeting Minutes

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EM TC Notifications, Messaging and Methods Subcommitee

08-19-03 Meeting Minutes


Art Botterell

Cathy M Subatch

Eliot Christian

David Hall

Walid Ramadan

Jerry Weltman

Brian Pattison

Jason Gilliam

Tom Merckel

Meeting Minutes

Agenda Items

  • ICS 201
  • Issues about CAP Channels conversation
  • Contact Structure
  • How to deal with feedback/evolution maintenance of our existing standard
  • CAP Testing – DHS Conference (Jerry)

CAP Testing

Currently have three companies that have said they would participate (Blue292, E Team and IEM) in the EJ Krause Global Homeland Security conference.

Issue – not just a matter of the $2000 for pavilion. What is it going to cost to stage this testing? What are we going to be testing? Cathy to take action item to discuss with Allen, Rick and Matt Walton (chair of Executive Committee). Will then send email to TC to set up separate meeting to discuss by those interested.

Rex – volunteered to prepare graphics if we need them

Track and Process Issues

Art - Problem with public comment posting list – invites people to take positions. Then becomes difficult for them to compromise

Eliot – do not try to steer the open comment period. During the comment period should feel welcome to contact people offline.

Art – if we don’t act on recommendation don’t want commentator to lose faith.

When comment comes in it is should just be accepted. Working group goes through all the comments and the group addresses each one (if a lot of comments, divided within the group to address). Only comment back would be if comment is not understandable, send email to ask for further explanation.

OGC – has editor to deal with comments

ICS 201

David –area part of form is most confusing

  • Art – create a new container that is composed of zero or more areas, or zero or more map sketches.
    David – something is required and any of those things could go in the bucket. Map sketch is currently a requirement on the form. May be an issue in making sketch electronic. Need to give them something that can be shipped around – textual area.
  • Walid – can we make that part of ICS an attachment?
  • Art – what you would do with traditional map sketch? It assumes that you have a scanner.
  • Walid – allow to use software like Paint to make sketch.
  • David – there’s no technical difficulty in doing that. But if we make that a requirement, then if have no way to do that, can’t give area information. Must be able to give some area information. To get acceptance, keep threshold low. Want ability to do description but I have in textual formal – how to handle?
  • Art – a lot of the sketches are not going to be able to be registered to a GIS system. Going to be hand-drawn. Technical ideal is some sort of GIS representation.
  • Carl – equivalent of MIME type of what is attached or what is reference. Or can bundle up geometry or features. Many of those in the field have ability to sketch maps on hand-held devices but definitely want hooks.
  • If we have geometry representation and some sort of graphical representation, plus, at minimum a simple text description. Might take text description from CAP and move to location block. May have map sketch or geometry representation or area. Would have text – make that mandatory.
  • David – we need to realize that a text description is not on the ICS form. If you include a map area description is one sentence and if don’t include a map area description is more flushed out.
  • Walid – looking at including one singe map?
  • David – The asterisks imply multiples. Will allow them to have multiple sketches.
  • Art – Conventionally an asterisk is a short hand from zero to end – not only can it be multiple it can be none.
  • Art – created area construct in CAP. May want to look at structures we built and see if they need to be tweaked to make more usable.
  • Art – first criteria. Paper ICS source document – able to generate valid ICS XML document.
  • David – able to take it and reconstitute form. Solving transport layer. Need to know where to put hooks in – but if we put too many then won’t be used. Must be very clear as to what is required versus what is optional.
  • David: Status – data dictionary out next meeting and incorporating comments.

Art –another document that would be useful is a contact list or roster. Overlaps with organization structure we are talking about for the 201, but may have broader usage.

  • David – fit well in relationship block. Do we want to broaden 201 to handle or have a separate item
  • Art – probably want as separate item and refer to it in 201.

Other Issues

Art – discussion within TC and EC on how best to interface with our user committee. Put together list of nominee projects.

David – have had difficulty in past to get in done but supportive of it. This is something we need to be aware of.

Action Items

David – ICS 201 Data Dictionary

Cathy – Send email to TC members about participation in EJ Krause Homeland Security conference – discussion of testing criteria, what is involved in participating, etc.

Next Meeting

Tuesday August 26th, 9:30 am PDT/12:30pm EDT

Dial in number: 1.800.453.7412

Access code: 604776

Cathy M. Subatch
E Team Inc.
818.932.0660 x248
310.770.6885 (mobile)
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