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Subject: Re: [emergency-msg] Who wants to be an SC chair?

Given the question that was proposed, I thought it might be helpful to
provide what the SC is on the hook for from the TC perspective. That way
there is no confusion about next steps.

CAP: the remaining items are to 1) pull together the list of comments,
2) draft a compliance test suite, and 3) draft best practices for
implementors. Walid has volunteered to do take on the first item, and
the other two are still outstanding. 

ICS 201: currently the SC is only on the hook for drafting a spec,
although future work on both test suites and best practices would also
need to happen.

That aside, the role of the Chair is defined in the TC Guidelines, but
unfortunately those are undergoing a revision as we speak or I would
provide a link. In a nutshell, it is to maintain the website, facilitate
meetings, shepherd the SC tasks through to completion (aka delivery to
the TC), take attendance, etc. etc. Clearly you can delegate some of
these as well.

Hope this was helpful - Allen

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 14:43, Art Botterell wrote:
> Friends -
> It's been suggested that our subcommittee might benefit from fresh 
> leadership and I'm certainly open to the idea.  Per our conversation 
> on today's call I'd like to open the floor to volunteers and 
> nominations to assume our chair.
> - Art (no recall jokes, please... not today!)
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R. Allen Wyke
Chair, Emergency Management TC

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