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Subject: Notes from today's call

[Errors and omissions are my own and I trust the other attendees will 
correct them as necessary.]

Today's joint call of the Messaging and GIS subcommittees was 
attended by Rex Brooks, Carl Reed, Art Botterell, Gary Ham, Kon 
Wilms, Rob Torchon, Waleed Ramadan and Kwasi Speede.

Art opened by asking whether a registry would have any role in 
documenting usage conventions for CAP.  The consensus was that it 
probably wouldn't, so we'll have to deal with that separately, at 
least for now.

Rex proposed that we should start with a survey of registries in 
terms including costs, features and hosting options, and then use 
that as a point of departure for a requirements document that might 
be passed to the Emergency Interoperability Consortium for action. 
He suggested that getting presentations from some of the major 
players might be a good place to start.

By consensus the group agreed to return a recommendation to the full 
TC that it conduct such a "feasibility study," possibly under the 
aegis of the Infrastructure Subcommittee.

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