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Subject: Minutes for August 31, 2004 Meeting

Title: Minutes for August 31, 2004 Meeting
Hi Folks,

Looks like I'm catching up. I will post an agenda a little later. We need one this week since, as I looked over the minutes for the last two meetings, I noitced that we have actually identified quite a platter of work that we now need to narrow down.

EM-Msg SC Meeting Minutes 8-31-04

The meeting convened at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Rex Brooks
Gary Ham
Michelle Raymond
Tom Merkle
Carl Reed
Kon Wilms

No specific agenda was posted, This being the week after a new TC chair was nominated and elected, we looked at general issues around the next work product deliverables we should consider for this subcommittee and a good deal of this was overlap or carryover from the EM-GIS meeting immediately preceding this one.

Old Business:

1. The general issue carried over from both the GIS discussion and our own ongoing work is the area around registires, specifically GIS-based registries and what is involved with such a registry as a starting point for EM Messages and Notification to consider recommending or adopting existing standards such as the Coordinate Reference Systems Registry that the OGC has been working on.

Additionally, it was discussed in some detail that, because the Emergency Providers Access Directory, EPAD, being worked on by the ComCARE Alliance is already GIS-based, it might be worth looking at the idea of combining several areas of work together in this project, or some kind of adjunct or associated workproduct/deliverable designed to work with the EPAD and OGC efforts.
New Business:

2. In a similar vein, the idea was advanced that some use of this "kind, e.g., GIS-based" of registry might be a good candidate "station" or juncture in the web architecture infrastructure at which message "headers," or what we have been calling "wrappers," could be used to direct network traffic through both an emergency-incident-specific component as well as a priority-specific component and have these high-priority messages routed preferentially to "receivers"  within the affect GIS-based area who have subscribed to the registry/registries.

This discussion revealed that DMIS is working on or plans to work on creating a "proof-of-concept" for this mechanism based on the Emergency Data eXchange Language, EDXL, that Art is working on with the ad hoc inter-agency working group he is involved with as a consultant for DHS. Gary said he would draft a brief paragraph or so on this.

It was also mentioned that  the simple sender-receiver format using only a url may not be sufficient and that DMIS may use their COG ID with a URI.

Tom mentioned that some or most of this work will need to be integrated with the work of the National Emergency Medical Services Information Standards http://www.nemsis.org

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m. EST.


Rex Brooks
Rex Brooks
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