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Subject: Signing and Encryption of contentObject



I have been in a series of meetings the last two weeks and the requirement to sign and encrypt EDXL contentObject is now critical.  In the last TC telecom meeting I was surprised to find the ability to add an optional namespace attribute to contentObject and the optional signature element had been removed in the series of updates/revisions to the EDXL Distribution Element Schema.  We need to return these as originally outlined in the Schema proposed last May.


In meeting DNDO and USNORTHCOM, the proposal to expose and encypt embeddedXMLContent on an element by element basis will not meet operational security requirements.


Also, We need to add “<xsd:any namespace="##any" processContents="lax" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" />” to the sequence defined in “contentObjectType” to allow for signing.  The current structure of embeddedXMLContent allows the encryption elements to be included already.  I have attached a revised Schema with signing element included for your consideration.


There is a need to get the Distribution Element out as a Standard as soon as possible.


David E. Ellis

Information Management Architect

(505) 844-6697



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