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Subject: Re: [emergency-msg] Signing and Encryption of contentObject

I think these are oversights, and should be put back into the spec, 
especially as this is the "any" element and optional as well. But, 
necessary, as Dave explains.


At 1:58 PM -0700 12/26/05, Ellis, David wrote:
>I have been in a series of meetings the last two weeks and the 
>requirement to sign and encrypt EDXL contentObject is now critical. 
>In the last TC telecom meeting I was surprised to find the ability 
>to add an optional namespace attribute to contentObject and the 
>optional signature element had been removed in the series of 
>updates/revisions to the EDXL Distribution Element Schema.  We need 
>to return these as originally outlined in the Schema proposed last 
>In meeting DNDO and USNORTHCOM, the proposal to expose and encypt 
>embeddedXMLContent on an element by element basis will not meet 
>operational security requirements.
>Also, We need to add "<xsd:any namespace="##any" 
>processContents="lax" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" />" to the 
>sequence defined in "contentObjectType" to allow for signing.  The 
>current structure of embeddedXMLContent allows the encryption 
>elements to be included already.  I have attached a revised Schema 
>with signing element included for your consideration.
>There is a need to get the Distribution Element out as a Standard as 
>soon as possible.
>David E. Ellis
>Information Management Architect
>(505) 844-6697
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Berkeley, CA 94702
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