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Subject: Re: [emergency-msg] Groups - Meeting Notes 6/16/06 Msg &Notifications SC (Meeting Notes RM SC 6-15-2006.doc) uploaded

Excellent, Renato,

I'm glad to hear this! In a separate effort, in the Ontolog Forum we 
have been working through a process of deriving a top-down 
ontological structure for information from that group by cataloging 
and categorizing a large body of presentations, panel discussions, 
and events from the last several years  in a bottom up process. This 
mirrors the process this TC/SC has gone through and some of the 
structural information that is turning up is similar enough that I 
suspect we will be able to derive some useful hierarchical 
classification of processes as well as codifying the processes and 
the actual topic-area specifications themselves. This will serve as 
models for future work and for other efforts, so developing a 
reference information model in the abstract will provide very useful 
tools for our work and for standards work in the aggregate.


At 1:45 PM +1000 6/21/06, Renato Iannella wrote:
>On 21 Jun 2006, at 05:49, tgrapes@evotecinc.com wrote:
>>The document named Meeting Notes 6/16/06 Msg & Notifications SC (Meeting
>>Notes RM SC 6-15-2006.doc) has been submitted by Tim Grapes to the EM
>>Messages and Notification SC document repository.
>Tim, the meeting notes missed the discussion of the "RM Model 
>Discussion Paper"
>and the plan to continue and build an "information model" of RM in 
>this fashion
>to greater understand the problem.
>Cheers...  Renato Iannella
>National ICT Australia (NICTA)
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