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Subject: RM elements - Ross/Jon Skeels


I completed some research on the 4 “OwnerInfo” elements in the RM design.  The background information below is presented from the Wildland Fire / ROSS system perspective. 


It appears that all 4 elements are “organization” information.  I recommend that “Owner” and “OwningJurisdiction” be combined into one element as they represent the same thing.  “HomeDispatch” and “HomeUnit are distinct enough to keep.  Documentation frequently uses the term “dispatch unit” generically.


“Owner” / “OwningJurisdiction”

Resource Owner OrganizationThe organization (government or private) who owns the resource.



Resource Home Dispatch Name - The description used to identify the dispatch unit that has primary responsibility for maintaining information on the resource (e.g., Ft. Collins Dispatch Center, Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center).  The HomeDispatch fills Requests for Resource

(although it’s not totally clear, this element also appears to be organization info)



Resource Home Unit - The description used to identify the office, district, etc. (organization), where the resource typically works out of (e.g., Manti-Lasal National Forest/Sanpete District).

          e.g. When released from the detail assignment, the resource’s  “release-to location” will be the location designated by the resource’s home unit.

          E.g. Status of “Released” - The assigned resource has departed the event and has been released to the home unit or reassigned unit.




Organization:  A company, office, or agency referenced in ROSS.  Includes government and private organizations.

          Organization has:

          Unit Identifier Code              (State Code + 4-Letter Unit ID)

          Organization Name  (e.g. Boise National Forest,

          Organization Location          (City, State)

          Organization Contact Info    (Address, Phone, Email, FAX, etc.)

          Organization Type   (Federal, State, Private)

          Organization Administrative Affiliations

          Organization data includes Agency and Unit Name.


Dispatch Organization 

          The dispatch office responsible for obtaining resources to support the incident/project.

          Dispatch Organization   (Who has resource ordering responsibility)

           Requestor        The originating dispatch office

           Provider           The dispatch office with whom the request is placed and/or assigns the resource.



On the side in reference to our “ResourceMessage” “Status” – this is how

Request Status - A description of the current state of a request.

          Open    Request has been logged; no action has been taken.

          Pending            Request has been reviewed by the decision maker and some activity has occurred.

          Cancelled          The request has been cancelled by the requestor prior to assignment.

          Selected           A resource has been selected to fill the request, but has not departed.

          Filled-Closed     A request has been filled with a supply item that does not require further tracking.

          Filled    A resource has been dispatched to fill the request and request will remain active until

            the resource has been released.

          Released          The assigned resource has departed the event and has been released to the home

            unit or reassigned unit.

          Unable to Fill     The request was not filled due to lack of resources based on availability or

            management priorities.  Final disposition; request is considered “closed”.


Request Status - Selected vs. Filled

          When a resource is selected to fill a request, the Request Status is set to “Selected”.  The request status is changed to “Filled” when the resource departs for the assignment.

          Once Request Status is “Filled”, the resource is considered “committed” to the incident and must be released before being selected for another assignment.

          This feature allows the resource to be shown on an availability list in cases where the reporting date of the first request is in the future and a second request’s ending dates are prior to that reporting date.


Tim Grapes

Evolution Technologies, Inc.
Department of Homeland Security

Science and Technology Directorate/OIC

Disaster Management egov Initiative

Office:  (703) 654-6075
Mobile:  (703) 304-4829


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