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Subject: RE: [emergency-msg] Minutes for Mtg 08-24-06

Rex, I noticed that the decision to create some example messages before
proceeding to develop the XML schemas was not captured in the minutes of
the last teleconference.

Renato and I already created an example "Request Resource" and "Response
to Request Resource", but they were based on the hybrid information
model we developed, not the current DOM/RMRM:


We put a fair bit of thought into how to accept a subset of a request
and conditionally accept or decline other parts.  This is why we
incorporated an "id" for resource requests and an "idref" for responses
in our hybrid model.  The ids make it possible to identify which parts
of the request are being accepted/declined/conditionally accepted,
without having to repeat the entire resource description from the
original request.

It should be helpful to look at these request/response examples now,
however I think we also need to keep going with the water truck example
we discussed in the meeting.  I suggest that we first deal with a simple
example where we request potable and non-potable water trucks as
discussed in the meeting, and get back a partial accept, partial decline
(perhaps only the non-potable water trucks can be supplied).

Later we could look at Rex's more complex use case where resources are
deployed at different times and a truck breaks down (assuming we decide
to tackle such complex use cases).


-----Original Message-----
From: Rex Brooks [mailto:rexb@starbourne.com]
Sent: Saturday, 26 August 2006 12:52 AM
To: emergency-msg@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [emergency-msg] Minutes for Mtg 08-24-06

Hi Everyone,

Here are the Minutes of our last meeting, Please see PLEASE NOTE: below.

EM-Msg Meeting August 24, 2006 Minutes

Voting Members:
Rex Brooks,
Tim Grapes,
Karen Anderson,
Tom Merkle

We had a quorum, and the minutes for the previous meeting were accepted.


  1 We accepted the Meeting Notes from the previous meeting.
  2 We reviewed the ExampleMsgSemantics document Renato submitted and
the list of Standard Resource Messages Patti included in the last
update of the specification document.

We decided to combine the formats in a sample for a single
MessageType so that a listing for the first message would begin as
Section 3.2.1 Resource Request and be followed by Overview
and Description combining Renato's overview text and the descriptive
text Patti assembled in the last version of the specification.

This would be followed by Table of Message Elements as Renato
developed, with the addition of a fifth column for the EDXL_DE
Distribution Type associated with the MessageType from Patti's
listing. This will incude the numbered Rules as shown in Renato's

This will be followed by Flow per Renato's sample.

This will be followed by Resource Request DOM/Reference
Model (the name for which remains to be settled: see 3). We did not
make a final decision on whether this model will be carried over for
the final draft specification because we want to see how useful it
will be and how we might divide up the total number of specification
components for each MessageType, which is expanded considerably in
this sample.

We also asked that an example .xsd XML Schema file be included in
this first full sample for a specific Message Type. We did not decide
that it should be included here or simply included with the other
Message Schemata in a single complete .xsd for the entire
specification, or if we should include each schema separately.

This set of work was handed off to Karen to work with Renato for the
next meeting in two weeks (which as of now, would be scheduled to
follow the TC meeting at 12:30 p.m. ET (US). PLEASE NOTE: We should
probably reschedule this for another Thursday Afternoon session
rather than ask Renato and Karen to attend a meeting at 2:30 a.m. ET
Australian time. It should also be noted that the updating of the
specification (not required for the next meeting) has now been handed
off to Renato. We expressed our gratitutde to Karen to extend to
Renato for taking on this set of tasks.

  3 Lastly, we discussed changing the name of the DOM to something
like Reference Model and making it clearly understood that it is not
intended to be used for generating program code, even though it could
be translated into formal UML 2.0 and used that way. We tabled the
discussion with the understanding that we need to double check that
there is no OASIS requirement or mandate for including a DOM per se.
No one seems to think that there is, but we want to be certain.

The meeting adjourned.
Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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