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emergency-msg message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes 1-11-07

Hi Everyone,

Here are the Minutes of our last meeting,

EM-Msg Meeting January 11, 2007 Minutes

Voting Members:
Rex Brooks,
Tim Grapes,
Gary Ham
Michelle Raymond,
Karen Robinson

We had a quorum.


  1 We reviewed the current status of the EDXL_RM Specification work.
  2 Gary indicated that the overal schema and types schema were ready 
to be used in synching up with the data dictionary and message 
types/message elements matrix.
  3 Patti will post the matrix as soon as it is ready to be used. She 
will catch up on the data dictionary as time permits, but indicated 
that it is a priority for her.
  4 Once the matrix is posted, Gary will work up the individual 
message type schemas and post them.
  5 Rex will use the matrix and individual message type schemas to 
update all the individual Message Element Reference Model Diagrams.
  6 Karen will proof the rules sections of the individual message 
sections and keep an eye on the schemas as they are posted.
  7 We are going to try to work online together as much as is 
practical with the aim of getting the specification ready for TC 
review in early February, and we all agreed that since most of the 
difficult and complex work has been pushed through, we should be able 
to do that.
  8 There was a very thorough discussion over the distinction of what 
had been represented in the overall diagram as the ReferenceID in the 
ResponseInformation component with the result that in the top level 
ResourceMessage component we will have:
OriginatingMessageID for the first ResourceMessage, usually a 
RequestResource, in a given set of related messages;
InitialMessageID for a specific subset of messages generated by 
messages such as RequestReturn or ReleaseResource which start a 
significant subset that it is important to carefully identify and 
follow; and
SequenceNumber to refer the specific ResourceInformation component 
within a message in order to differentiate between such components in 
messages that have multiple ResourceInformation components.
  9 Specifically: the SequenceNumber identifies the instance of 
ResourceInformation within the message. It dos not identify the 
Resource. The Resource is identified by a combination of one or more 
of ResourceID, Name and/or ResourceTypeStructure

The meeting adjourned.

I am also uploading the file separates to the document repository.

As usual, I encourage and welcome all comments, corrections, additions, etc.

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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