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Subject: RE: [emergency-if] EDXL-AT & Situational Awareness

>> EDXL-HAVE, in my opinion, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that
accepting >>candidate specifications by groups of SMEs is almost always
a mistake. SMEs rarely >>fully understand how broad, yet rigorous, the
specification-writing process needs to be.

>> We have now had to PAINFULLY deal with the consequences of being
persuaded that >>the SMEs know their area best and that means they are
the best group to write a >>specification for that area, instead of
carefully working through a rigorous requirements-writing process.


I am not sure how you characterize a candidate specification but
EDXL-HAVE was submitted in the format that the EM TC requested - as a
requirements specification - and not as a candidate specification. 

As I see it, the practitioners/SMEs do know their area best - I do not
believe that will change - we should recognize this and work with the
practitioners to leverage their domain expertise. 


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