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Subject: RE: [emergency-msg] Groups - EDXL-RM Committee Draft v1.0Revision 2 (EDXL-RM-CD-v1.0-Revision-002.doc) uploaded

Thanks Karen,

You're right about the double EDXL as an overactive search and 
replace. On the second bullet point, I will have to check Tim's 
notes, but we can review that.


At 4:41 PM +1000 5/11/07, Karen Robinson wrote:
>Patti and Rex, thank you very much for producing these new versions of
>the document!  I haven't really looked at them properly yet, but I've
>skimmed the changes.  I noticed a couple of things I wanted to raise now
>before I forget:
>  - There are now a lot of places in the document that now say
>"EDXLEDXLResourceMessage" instead of just "EDXLResourceMessage" - for
>example, all message examples now have "EDXLEDXLResourceMessage" as the
>top-level element.  I presume this came about through an overzealous
>search-and-replace - but it should be easily fixed with another
>  - The second bullet point in the comments section within the data
>dictionary entry for "ContactLocation" (line 2990) is not right, in my
>opinion.  I thought we decided it was preferable to put the postal
>address for a contact inside the CIQ Party Information (i.e., inside the
>AdditionalContactInformation element), together with closely related
>info like contact phone number(s) and email address(es)?  Please correct
>me if I'm wrong on this!  Also, the bullet point says "CurrentLocation"
>instead of "ContactLocation" (and similarly for the comment for the
>"AdditionalContactInformation" element).
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>>  Sent: Friday, 11 May 2007 8:59 AM
>>  To: emergency-msg@lists.oasis-open.org
>>  Subject: [emergency-msg] Groups - EDXL-RM Committee Draft v1.0
>Revision 2
>>  (EDXL-RM-CD-v1.0-Revision-002.doc) uploaded
>>  The document named EDXL-RM Committee Draft v1.0 Revision 2
>>  (EDXL-RM-CD-v1.0-Revision-002.doc) has been submitted by Dr. Patti
>>  to the EM Messages and Notification SC document repository.
>>  Document Description:
>>  EDXL-RM Committee Draft v1.0 Revision 2 - Edits from 5/10/2007 Message
>>  Notification SC Meeting
>>  View Document Details:
>>  http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency-
>>  msg/document.php?document_id=23966
>>  Download Document:
>>  http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency-
>>  msg/download.php/23966/EDXL-RM-CD-v1.0-Revision-002.doc
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Berkeley, CA 94702
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