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Subject: Re: My comment on the geo-oasis namespace URI

Thanks for the clarification Alessandro,

I don't know why that formulation was chosen, especially since I 
prefer the formulation you mention in parentheses. However, the HTTP 
scheme was not, as far as I know or recall, an intended use, though I 
would say now that it should be because developers will almost 
undoubtedly be using XMLHttpRequest objects in Ajax for asynchronous 
requests and responses whether we allow for it or not.

So we may want to do this when we submit EDXL-RM for its second 
60-day Public Review. We can resolve these issues together, since 
they are not confined to geo-oasis, and I want to make sure that we 
can have Gary Ham on board when we do that, and possibly reach out to 
Karen Robinson to see if she can join us, too, for these schema 


At 3:14 PM -0400 8/21/07, Alessandro Triglia wrote:
>This is a clarification in response to your question on my comment about the
>geo-oasis namespace URI (now issue #532).
>My comment says that the namespace URI is "incorrect".  By that, I did not
>mean that it is syntactically incorrect, but that it does not comply with
>the OASIS rules for the creation of namespace URIs [1].  The URI in question
>	http://www.oasis-open.org/oasis/10
>Given that in many other cases, URNs have been chosen by the EM TC as
>namespace URIs (e.g., "urn:oasis:names:tc:emergency:EDXL:RM:1.0:........",
>it is not clear why the above form has been chosen for the geo-oasis
>namespace URI.
>Also note the following statement in [1]:
>"URIs intended for use as HTTP scheme URI namespace names should be formally
>identified by the TC (as early in the specification design process as
>possible) so that the OASIS TC Administration may check for possible naming
>collisions, approve the proposed resolution target resource [namespace
>document], and properly reserve the URI - including possibly reservation of
>(all) space below the hierarchical level of the candidate NS URI".
>Has the above been done?
>Note also issue #562, which says that the geo-oasis schema needs to be
>published as part of an (OASIS) standard--either in the EDXL-RM standard
>itself, or in any other (OASIS) standard.  Otherwise, EDXL-RM cannot make
>normative use of it.

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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