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Subject: Figs. 2, 4-19 updated for EDXL-RM-Rev005

I have uploaded the revised diagrams in 5 separate .zip files.
The revisions are based on the issues list EDXL-RM-CD-v1.0-IssuesList_v2.22.xls and Table 4 in EDXL-RM-CD-v1.0-Revision-004.doc.

It turns out that the suggested resolutions in the issues list for items #160, 211 and 230 are inconsistent with Table 4 - I have opted for the latter in the revised diagrams.

As I have not been involved in the thought processes leading to the various subsets of ScheduleTypes, my corresponding entries in the diagrams may not be complete. I have therefore included a table (ScheduleTypes.xls in EDXL-RM-Fig2-ST_Rev005.zip) that can be used for an in depth review by those in the know).


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