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Subject: ResponseToOfferUnsolicitedResource w/Matrix, NewOverview ofResponsetoRequestInfromation

Hi Folks,

As I have worked my way through consolidating the remaining Issues 
for our first pass through the IssuesList of the first 60-Day Public 
Review, I rediscovered that the missing message type is 
"ResponseToOfferUnsolicitedResource, so I worked up a first draft of 
it for you to look at for tomorrow's meeting after the TC meeting. 
The attached file also includes a draft of a new Message-Element 
Matrix that includes the new message type. It would follow 
"OfferUnsolicitedResource." I did not take the time to work out the 
XML Schema for this message type, though.

Lastly, the overview of "ResponseToRequestInformation" had two terms: 
ResourceSummary and ResponseSummary that are not actual elements, but 
refer to ResourceInformation and ResponseInformation respectively. I 
substituted the correct terms, removed the parenthetical note that 
Karen's issue #153 suggested we delete, and fixed some tortured 
punctuation. It is the last item in the attached file.

I made that change in the specification, which I will post tomorrow 
morning as Revision 006-1, as far as I have gotten by then. It made 
more sense to come up with solutions for these problems rather than 
write up a description of the problem that would have taken just as 
long. We still have to discuss the issues, but at least we're a leg 
up on having a solution in place, that we can amend as necessary.

I have also gone through the entire document twice, replacing all 
instances of message names with space such as "Request Resource" with 
no spaces and upper camel case initial caps of the individual words 
in compound names such as "RequestResource."

I am compiling a new worksheet in the IssuesList spreadsheet for only 
those items that need to be confirmed, double checked, or that remain 

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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