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Subject: CAP 1.2 items

	I'm following up on my comments regarding the need for a CAP 1.2 during the last teleconference.  Hopefully everyone has had a chance to review the comments list that was very well summarized.

Its been 3 years since CAP 1.1 was released and there are now efforts underway to introduce national systems (IPAWS in US, NPAS in Canada) that use 1.1  However I have run into some minor problems with 1.1 and I have also heard from others about similar issues.  All indications I have seen say that CAP 2.0 could take some time to produce and could be non-backward compatible.  This will mean that with national systems based on 1.1 and a reluctance to switch to 2.0 for some time after implementation, 1.1 will remain in wide-spread use for quite some time.  I'm asking that the committee deal with some immediate problems with 1.1, addressed with a 1.2 release in 6 months that is backward compatible, so that these national systems could be built and/or transition to 1.2 easily and avoid these problems.

I have summarized the comments that I believe can be quickly addressed to create CAP 1.2, others could be left to a future 2.0 process.

Major Issues
1. responseTypes of Avoid and AllClear
2. clarify format for incidents element
3. prevent null values for required elements
4. Update/Cancel examples

Minor Issues
5. language element clarification
6. resource element description update
7. code element editorial fix
8. event element editorial fix
9. references element clarification
10. polygon and circle element clarifications
11. multi-lingual examples
12. event element size limit
13. instruction element size limit

Optional additions that could enhance interop and provide significant capabilities
1. mime-type for CAP
2. suggested index feed format
3. geo resources


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