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emergency-msg message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-msg] CAP 1.2 changes

Hi Jake, Everyone,

Let's have this conversation on the list, okay?

I suggest we leave out any mention of EDXL-DE or any other possible 
requirements for CAP 2.0 because we are launching the requirements 
effort when 1.2 goes out for Public Review, despite the time it will 
take to finish 2.0.

As long as the form="qualified" does not cause validation problems, I 
think we should leave it as is.

I suggest we use Art's guidelines from the IPAWS profile for dateTime.

Can you have Working Draft 1.1.01 uploaded by the end of this week? 
If so, we can vote to send it to the TC at our next scheduled 
meeting. Be sure to change the date to March 31 including footers. It 
will become v1.2 when the TC votes on approving it as a Committee 
Draft. Make sure the EM TC is copied with the notification. 
Basically, we shootin' to have this puppy get advanced to CD01 at the 
same time as the profile is voted to become a Committee 
Specification, the step just short of seeking OASIS-wide Standard 

Hopefully, i1.1.01 won't take up too much time and we can get back to 
EDXL-HAVE and get that puppy done in no more than two more sessions.


At 1:39 PM -0500 3/3/09, Jacob Westfall wrote:
>	Here again is the list of CAP 1.2 changes developed from the 
>comments work done in the fall.  The primary reason is the 
>identified need for Avoid and AllClear and adding them could not be 
>accomplished through the errata process.
>3 - Caution/restriction against restricted, escaped, and special 
>characters and
>encoded entities in content fields
>15,17-6,20,22 - New responseType values of Avoid and AllClear
>16,19 - Editorial changes
>27 - Clarification on acceptable values in polygon and circle elements
>28 - Expand CAP examples to include update and bilingual messages
>Also based on IPAWS profile work, the following changes could also be added,
>- All dateTime elements should include a timezone (Art's guidelines 
>from the IPAWS profile could be used)
>- A review of the schema found <element name="effective" 
>type="dateTime" form="qualified" minOccurs="0"/> where 
>form="qualified" is not used for any other elements and is probably 
>an error??
>Finally, an additional non-normative paragraph could be added 
>describing EDXL-DE and its intended transport role to heighten 
>awareness, since it was not in existence when CAP was first released.
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