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emergency-msg message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-msg] CAP 1.2 changes

> I suggest we leave out any mention of EDXL-DE

I left a placeholder but no content at this point.

> As long as the form="qualified" does not cause validation problems, I 
> think we should leave it as is.

It does cause validation issues and effective is being updated with the DateTime Data Type anyways.

> I suggest we use Art's guidelines from the IPAWS profile for dateTime.

Done.  Also as suggested by Art I've added an option for XML Sig/Enc to the schema to ensure validation.

Also I recall some IPAWS profile discussion regarding "note" in the alert block.  Its currently a single instance element and I think some thought it was multi-instance.  I don't know if this needs re-visiting.

> Can you have Working Draft 1.1.01 uploaded by the end of this week? 

I will be uploading it right now.  It includes all of the Errata changes in addition to 1.2 items.  I did not make any changes to the ASN.1 schema which still reflects 1.1, ITU input required??  There are several items on the to-do list though.  Does the Oasis boilerplate need updating?  What should go in the TC Contributors section?  Is the Conformance section I added okay?  Also I've left "track changes" on so everyone can see the changes made to 1.1 and so it may need further vetting for any mistakes I made since Word can do funny things.  Finally can someone who speaks Spanish, check the multilingual message, I did my best using babelfish...


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