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emergency-msg message

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Subject: Re: [emergency-msg] CAP 1.2 changes

Thanks Jake,

I think we need to be careful about adding things so that we don't 
start sliding down any slippery slopes. That's why I suggested 
leaving EDXL-DE out. Once we start debating what to say about what we 
plan to do when, there's no easy way to decide where to stop. But 
that's what the list is good for now.

I don't have a problem dropping form="qualified" as long as we have 
general consensus.

The boilerplate would only need updating if we mention "EDXL-DE", for 
which we would need to add it as an OASIS copyright.

We can ask TC members if they want to be included in TC Contributors.

I think it is very wise to leave "Track Changes" on for now. We only 
need to accept all changes when it is voted to be sent to the TC for 
approval as a Committee Draft.

We all need to read through it.


At 5:00 PM -0400 3/17/09, Jacob Westfall wrote:
>  > I suggest we leave out any mention of EDXL-DE
>I left a placeholder but no content at this point.
>>  As long as the form="qualified" does not cause validation problems, I
>>  think we should leave it as is.
>It does cause validation issues and effective is being updated with 
>the DateTime Data Type anyways.
>>  I suggest we use Art's guidelines from the IPAWS profile for dateTime.
>Done.  Also as suggested by Art I've added an option for XML Sig/Enc 
>to the schema to ensure validation.
>Also I recall some IPAWS profile discussion regarding "note" in the 
>alert block.  Its currently a single instance element and I think 
>some thought it was multi-instance.  I don't know if this needs 
>>  Can you have Working Draft 1.1.01 uploaded by the end of this week?
>I will be uploading it right now.  It includes all of the Errata 
>changes in addition to 1.2 items.  I did not make any changes to the 
>ASN.1 schema which still reflects 1.1, ITU input required??  There 
>are several items on the to-do list though.  Does the Oasis 
>boilerplate need updating?  What should go in the TC Contributors 
>section?  Is the Conformance section I added okay?  Also I've left 
>"track changes" on so everyone can see the changes made to 1.1 and 
>so it may need further vetting for any mistakes I made since Word 
>can do funny things.  Finally can someone who speaks Spanish, check 
>the multilingual message, I did my best using babelfish...
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