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emergency-msg message

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Subject: Tomorrow's meeting



I have to be in a meeting in DC at 9:00 AM tomorrow, but should make it back
to the office in time for our meeting.  I will dial in via cell if necessary
for starters.  Just a heads-up in case...


I believe our plan was to pull up the first report requirement and begin
this process:


                                                  1.1.1       Review
reporting requirements (ICS etc.) to determine sequence of these reports,
what decisions they support, and what info is required to support those
decisions.  Approach is to define the constraint schemas first, and boil
them up / vet the overall reference model.

                                                  1.1.2       Process:  Go
through each ICS report with it's purpose, overview and definitions, and
determine:              Materials Needed:  ICS reports pdf, SitRep ERM for
reference, possibly the SitRep Requirements Data Dictionary.              Develop for each report:         Where it fits in the sequence         What decisions are supported         What report info supports each decision         What questions we have for practitioners (cannot have
them join the call due to IPR issues.  Will vet against our contacts.  .


 1.2             Next, step back to the Requirements and ERM - start
stepping through the ERM IN DETAIL, referring to the element definitions
(data dictionary) to validate our detailed understanding, fit in the ERM,
structure and associations at the constraint schema level and then the
common overall reference schema.

 1.3             Review issues list

 1.4             Specification Writing




Tim Grapes



<<attachment: winmail.dat>>

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