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Subject: Candidates for root element for discussion

I went through some of the stuff and pulled these out for discussion - may want to start with scrutinizing these first to determine "root" element candidates, then interrogate the rest of the model.

1.	List of POTENTIAL candidate elements for discussion as “root” elements, MEANING any element that may apply to any and every SitRep whether large or small:
a.	ReportPurpose (from FtoF notes)
b.	ReportNumber
c.	ReportVersion
d.	PreparedDateTime
e.	SentDateTime
f.	ForTimePeriod
g.	ActionPlan
h.	<IncidentCause>
i.	<IncidentComplexity>
j.	<IncidentID>
k.	<IncidentSize>
l.	<Severity>
m.	IncidentName
n.	<IncidentDefinition> (this is the only element that allows description of the incident)
o.	<IncidentLocation>
p.	<IncidentStartDateTime>
q.	<IncidentType>

Tim Grapes
"The only thing we take into the next life is our character"

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