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Subject: RE: Prep for today's meeting


Our SitRep meeting is on for today.  A quick note before hitting the road…


I’m just back and catching up.  Not sure why the last meeting didn’t fly, but this and any process should be able to move forward without any one person.


If you have time, perhaps we should review the last 3-4 meeting minutes and emails to re-ground where we are, the issues at hand, and where we’re trying to go.   For starters on the call, we may want to then re-visit process steps required to get there.  I think part of getting over the current hump is the need to do some independent work between meetings, but I and I think everyone has been too busy.  I do think we can move forward much more quickly if we can break through the current log jam.


On today’s call If we can re-ground in our process / steps, and then do what we can on this call today, I can make time this week to dive into detail that I haven’t been able to get to.


Tim Grapes


"The only thing we take into the next life is our character"


From: McGarry, Donald P. [mailto:dmcgarry@mitre.org]
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 7:05 AM
To: Timothy Grapes
Subject: Prep for today's meeting



I can’t remember when your out of office said you would be back in.  If you are planning to hold the msg&not call today I’d like to do a little prep beforehand…

When we last met I remember there was confusion about the root element / simple sitrep and the hierarchy of everything.  What were your thoughts on this and how can I help you to re-bucketize some of the “stuff” to proceed?


Don McGarry

The MITRE Corp.

Office: 315-838-2669

Cell: 315-383-1197



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