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Subject: SitRep Basic Info Report Type

The SitRep as currently designed has specific elements to capture specific information. However a great deal of information that is available applicable to an incident does not fit the current structure. Indeed, it is not possible to parameterize the possible scope of information that can occur.   In order to allow the SitRep structure to accommodate the maximum possible input, we should allow for a Basic SitRep which will basically allow for plain text.

The Text is typically anecdotal in nature. It is expected that implementation systems will process this to allow for Human In the Loop review, but this is not a requirement. It may be used as a comment for other of the Basic Reports, or simple observations. Regardless of source, this information becomes part of the running log of data relating to a particular incident.

Some Use Cases:

From NJ during Flooding: The state received from the various counties reports on river levels and possible flooding.
From FL during various hurricanes: Flooding and progress on evacuations.
AZ Wildfires: General observations regarding the scope, direction, and intensity of a fire.
Greek Olympics: General crowd observations at a venue.
DC Sniper shootings: Field reports containing observations from the shooting site.

General Input sources:
                Phone in to the EOC
                Data import from systems not using the SitRep standard.
                Speech to Text

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