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Subject: SitRep Issue

Hi Everyone,

As I was working along on the SitRep doc, it dawned on me that we do not have any specific "RequestForSitRep" messages and it seems to me like that would be a good thing to have unless we expect all jurisdictions to have well-known and published policies wrt to the frequency for sending reports up the chain of incident command. I know we don't have that now. We do have a requirement for it, 
  • as a part of the use of the DE which has it as a distributionType,
  • as a Request for Information from Table 3 of the Requirements pdf (which I would suggest be a request for one of the specific report types, and,
  • as a part of Response Resources (particularly when making use of RM.

However, we seem to have missed the second bullet above when we categorized our requirements.

Note: we also don't use "Dispatch" or any of the sensor types from the DE.

Unless I get a groundswell of opinion that we don't need it, I plan to add a blank RequestFor.. for each of the report types. I would expect that the same elements in the reports themselves would be part of a RequestFor...(that report type).

We also don't have a "Recall" as we do in the RM, but I don't see an immediate need for it and we also didn't have a requirement for it. Again, unless we have a groundswell requiring it, I will leave it out.


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