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Subject: UICDS presentation today - feedback


I attended  a UIDCS  webinar today and jotted just a few notes that  I took
away from the presentation and questions.


I didn't catch the presenter name - supposedly a techy - but  Jim Moran was
present and a recording is available.  He stated UICDS is fully compliant
with DE and RM.  UICDS facilitates send and receive of fully compliant RM
messages using a fully compliant DE...  Beginning was about how UICDS
services work to send/receive these message


Key information came out with an attendee question and my follow-up
question.  UICDS deal with "request" or "commit" RM messages only.  They DO
NOT parse the messages, and they DO NOT validate that the message being
passed is a valid DE or RM message.  They only check what the "type" of
message is, and then pass it through.  It is the responsibility of the END
APPLICATION OR SYSTEM to validate the XML, and ensure a valid EDXL message
is being passed.  Therefore, though UICDS says they are "DE and RM
compliant", but unlike OPEN they actually pass whatever they receive - a
good message or a bad message.  


In DE, apparently they only look at the "explicitAddress" field to know
where to send the message.  UICDS Doesn't seem to recognize or use the other
DE flexible routing capabilities.  Otherwise they have a "work product" that
your  app can check whether you've received a message.


They did show some slides with the graphical depiction (XML spy) of some of
the RM XML, but too quickly to tell whether it was accurate to the spec.
They were basically explaining how to use RM, but stated RM spec
requirements as "UICDS requirements".  For  examples they said UICDS only
needs this or that (like LocationDescription), and said UICDS recognizes an
RM ResponseType "accept" or "decline'.  Confusing since earlier they said
they don't parse the message XML...  They discussed use of NIMS resource
typing.  When asked how to handle resources not typed, they gave the wrong
answer said add in your own structure, but didn't know about the
valuelistURN/value type).  They did continuously refer to the spec, but the
way they talked about some of the stuff relative to UICDS was confusing.



Tim Grapes





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