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Subject: CIQ Profile Check-Need to Schedule Mtg or Email Check to Move Forward

Hi Folks,

I had the time to check on the CIQ Profile work that Don did with the 
EM-RIM SC and as far as I can tell the xAL.xsd <FreeTextAddress> element 
which is the first in the sequence for the <complexType 
Name="AddressType"> gives us all we need to handle free text Locations 
which are quasi addresses such as "34th and Vine." This does not, as far 
as I can tell, run into any difficulties with the attributes or  free 
text elements that were not included in the profile, nor is there any 
problem with <AdministrativeArea> or <SubAdministrativeArea> to handle 
the "unicorporated" areas not covered by nearby city/town jurisdictions. 
So I believe we can recommend the CIQ Profile as currently available in 
the Resources Folder of the Documents of the EM-RIM SC.

So I suggest that we have a short meeting 12:00 p.m. Thursday 10 Feb. 
2011  at the start of the time reserved for the next EM-RIM Meeting. 
Please respond with another day/time if you can't attend.


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