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emergency-msg message

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Subject: Updates


I made some changes to CommonTypes and EDXLGsf that I think should wrap things up:


         Changed EDXLLocationType in edxl-gsf.v0.2.DPM to be EDXLGeoLocationType

         Added EDXLGeoPoliticalLocationType in edxl-ct-v1.0-wd04

o   Choice between:

  xAL addresstype

  ValueList called GeoCode

         Added EDXLLocationType in edxl-ct-v1.0-wd04

o   Choice between EDXLGeoLocationType and EDXLGeoPoliticalLocationType


For the DE folks:

For TargetArea, you probably just want to use EDXLLocationType in wd04 of the commontypes schema.


For the SitRep folks:

I changed all locations to the new Location Type. The weather type was already wired in. We should review on the call today.


The draft schemas are uploaded in a zip file here:




Don McGarry
The MITRE Corp.
(703) 595-9375


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