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emergency-rim message

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Subject: Meeting Reminder; EDXL-Reference Information Model & SOAReference Architecture-1

(Note: This is the first of three messages I will be sending out 
today relating to our meeting tomorrow. This one makes a point of 
describing how EDXL-RIM and the SOA Reference Architecture relate to 
each other at approximately the same "Level of Abstraction.")

Hi Folks,

First I want to remind you that we have a meeting scheduled for 
tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and I'm hoping that Dr. Renato 
Iannella can join us early in our process and drop in regularly if 
not for every meeting, which I doubt any of us will be able to do in 
any event. The meeting info, including the correct access code pin 
number is on the Kavi EDXL-RIM SC page Calendar.

Second I want to start rolling out some concepts as Lee asked me to 
do with respect to the extent of the relationship between EDXL-RIM 
and the OASIS Reference Architecture for SOA  (SOA-RA) now in its 
first 60-Day Public Review.


In this regard there are many similarities, and some stark contrasts. 
Frankly, if I attempted to address everything in this message, it 
would be much too long and I would end up leaving something out, so I 
will start with just a few observations and more reference materials 
than you could absorb in a week or perhaps even a month if you had 
the time,

But if you download them and stick them in an EDXL-RIM-Related 
folder/directory together, they'll be there when or if you want to 
review them.

1a-Similarity: Both EDXL-RIM and SOA-RA follow other closely related 
specifications. I'm assuming you know the four specifications in the 
EDXL-Family that EDXL-RIM follows. SOA RA follows the Reference Model 
for SOA, which , like EDXL-DE is an approved OASIS Standard.

The SOA-RA follows the OASIS Reference Model for SOA.


1-b Contrast: SOA-RA follows a Reference Model, which is a purely 
abstract specification that is not intended to be, and can't be 
implemented directly by an application. EDXL-RIM follows a series of 
Concrete-Level Specification, which are intended to be implemented 

I will use the example of brick and mortar or steel and glass 
architecture as a metaphor or analogy to explain the Abstract 
Approach through an example:

The word 'Kitchen' stands for a set of concepts that relate to the 
activity of food preparation, delivery and consumption. This sentence 
is entirely abstract. It does not specify what parts of food 
preparation, delivery and consumption take place in the 'Kitchen.' A 
Reference Model starts at this point and establishes the fundamental 
concepts, which for a 'Kitchen" might include the need for a way to 
cook food with a range-top, firepit, oven, stove, etc. A 'Kitchen' 
might need cupboards or a pantry, along with a refrigerator, freezer 
or a smokehouse as a means for food preservation and storage. This 
set of abstract concepts stemming from food preparation, delivery and 
consumption could go on and on.

This is a 'Top-Down' model because it starts at the topmost "Level of 
Abstraction." and works its way down a ladder of logic toward the 

1-c Contrast: EDXL-RIM follows a set of Specifications intended to be 
implemented directly with such immediately useful tools as Routing 
Applications and Infrastructure using EDXL-DE, Hospital Status 
Reporting Applications using EDXL-HAVE and Emergency Response 
Logistics Applications using EDXL-RM.

This is a "Bottom-Up' model because it starts at the ground-level or 
bottom-most "Level of Abstraction."

Using the 'Kitchen' metaphor/analogy, EDXL-RIM takes a collection of 
grills, firepits, stove tops and ovens and 'abstracts' the concept of 
"Cooking Equipment and Facilities." EDXL-RIM takes the collection of 
'Cooking Equipment and Facilities,' 'Food Preservation and Storage,' 
etc and 'abstracts' the concept of a "Kitchen."

2-Similarity: EDXL-RIM and SOA-RA exist at approximately the same 
intermediate "Level of Abstraction" between the 'Concrete' and the 
'Abstract,' and reflect the level where blueprints are built by 
architects betore being handed off to contractors who then actually 
buy stoves, ovens, refrigerators, cabinets, counters, sinks, 
flooring, etc and construct the 'Kitchen.' (Note 'Kitchen' is just 
easier to understand than a whole 'home' which offer even more 
chances for getting distracted with "what about doors, windows, 
bedrooms, bathroom, etc."

Related References:


Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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