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emergency-rim message

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Subject: Proposed RIM agenda item

There are multiple interests in RIM that compete:
- Developing a clean, consistent RIM, is a long process that will yield a slow succession of highly desirable concepts, with possible loop backs to refine semantic elements.
- The RIM team would like to promote the use of major individual concepts as quickly as possible.
- Standards that use RIM concepts may require that such concepts are part of an approved standard.

How do we reconcile these interests? What standardization process should we use? What should we consider as standardization "units"?

As a starting point for a discussion, let me throw in an idea: 
1) Start out with a simple consistent axiomatic foundation of primitive concepts
2) Describe a first set of high level concepts in terms of these primitives and derivatives
3) Push this ensemble through the regular OASIS process, say as RIM 1.0
4) Add-on more high level concepts - they may require an extension of the set of primitives, but without a need to change any element of the existing ensemble. This would give rise to an updates standard, say RIM 1.1, etc..
5) If there is a need to change any of the elements of the most current ensemble, we need a new standard, say 2.0, ...

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