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Subject: Groups - EDXL-Welcome-to-the-RIM-WhitePaper-17Sep09 (EDXL-Welcome-to-the-RIM-WhitePaper-17Sep09.doc) uploaded

Please review and consider this "Welcome to the RIM" paper for approval at
our upcoming (Thursday Sep 17 noon EST) RIM meeting, subject to any
specified changes. Also consider any documents/websites/presentations we
should include in the references section. This may be a good opportunity to
direct folks to any otherwise hidden "gems" for additional information.

 -- Jeff Waters

The document named EDXL-Welcome-to-the-RIM-WhitePaper-17Sep09
(EDXL-Welcome-to-the-RIM-WhitePaper-17Sep09.doc) has been submitted by Jeff
Waters to the EM Reference Information Model SC document repository.

Document Description:
This version of "Welcome to the RIM" has been reformatted to
match the White Paper template used for the DE Basics document.  

"Welcome to the Rim" provides a basic introduction to the purpose
and need for an OASIS EDXL Reference Information Model (RIM). The paper
discusses the importance of the RIM development and encourages
participation.  The RIM is a set of concepts fundamental to emergency
information exchange, including lessons learned, which serves as a guide
for more efficient and effective implementation standards.  When fully
developed, the RIM will help to define the nature of emergency information
exchange and guide the future development of needed information exchange

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-OASIS Open Administration

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