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emergency-rim message

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Subject: Topics for today's meeting.

Title: Topics for today’s meeting.


Rex and I discussed need for scenarios for the RIM to explain ValueListURN used by the EDXL-DE.  There will be other use cases for ValueListURN include in content Schemas.

I feel we should explore two type of distribution scenarios with each having several use cases.  I feel we need a push of CAP WARNING and a request/response for CBRN assistance.

For the CAP scenario, we should use definitions and requirements from my Emergency Management Routing Concepts Version 0.4 paper in the Resources Folder of the EM TC document repository.

For the CBRN scenario, we should abstract the use cases from the DNDO system which already uses the ValueListURN for various policy based decisions.

I will discuss the scenarios during the RIM meeting today.


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