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Subject: Groups - Draft-EDXL-RIM-SC-MtgNotes-04-08-2010 (Draft-EDXL-RIM-SC-MtgNotes-04-08-2010.doc) uploaded

Please review these minutes from the April 8, 2010 meeting of the RIM
Subcommittee for approval at our next meeting, subject to any specified
changes. Thanks.

 -- Jeff Waters

The document named Draft-EDXL-RIM-SC-MtgNotes-04-08-2010
(Draft-EDXL-RIM-SC-MtgNotes-04-08-2010.doc) has been submitted by Jeff
Waters to the EM Reference Information Model SC document repository.

Document Description:
At today's meeting of the Reference Information Model (RIM) Subcommittee,
the members continued their discussion to determine what components of the
Customer Information Quality (CIQ) xPIL schema are needed for use in EDXL
standards and for inclusion in a CIQ subschema.  Specifically, the members
discussed and decided to include organization and organization id
attributes, to use 2-letter UN LOCODES, and to give preference to utilizing
most well-recognized and best maintained external standards. 

The CIQ xPIL standard and related schemas provide a comprehensive set of
attributes and elements for representing many aspects of an organization. 
A basic portion of the organizational information is needed in various EDXL
standards and the CIQ xPIL standard is used currently in the EDXL Hospital
Availability standard. The complete CIQ capabilities go beyond the
requirements for the EDXL standards. Although most CIQ  fields are
optional, since  many extraneous elements and attributes could be present,
a robust EDXL parser needs to be prepared to handle those fields which
unnecessarily complicates the EDXL parsers. The complexity also presents a
challenge to adoption and education efforts. Also the use of attributes
throughout the CIQ standards is more appropriate for database applications
as opposed to the information exchange focus of the EDXL standards. For
these reasons, a limited subset of the CIQ xPIL should be defined as a
profile for use in EDXL. 

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