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emergency-rim message

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Subject: No Meeting Today. Next Meeting Nov. 4 -- Please Attend!

Hi Everyone,

I got on pretty much on time, but after five minutes only Tim Grapes 
showed up, so after waiting 15 minutes to make sure that someone was 
here to welcome the highly anticipated, and greatly appreciated 
potential membership of Christopher (Scott) Shoup.

Scott, this was just bad timing with our nonpareil scribe Jeff Waters 
giving a presentation at this time, and myself potentially, but not 
actually, late due to my participation in today's second EDXL 101 
Webinar, and, one of our mainstays, Werner Joerg, off on a well-deserved 
vacation. However, I should be back in full gear for our next meeting on 
November 4, and as one of our questions from webinar attendees 
highlighted, coordination with NIEM is an imperative requirement. So we 
really want to bring you on board, Scott.

Looking forward to Nov. 4,

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